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Hedge strimmer Chelmsford


Maintain a perfect lawn

Access hard to reach places with a grass strimmer

When you want to cut grass in places that cannot be reached by a lawn mower, you can rely on a grass strimmer. They can cut grass in difficult to reach places such as those that are up against walls and fences, along banks, as well as around trees and shrubs. If you're in and around Chelmsford, Len's Lawnmowers can provide you with grass strimmers of high quality.

Reliable and cost effective

When you want a reliable and cost effective strimmer to cut grass, you can depend on us. We also stock a wide range of models of all the top brands. You can rest assured that they'll function effectively.

Choose from top brands

Choose quality strimmers from the top brands in the market:

  • Hitachi

  • Hayter

  • Mitox

  • Alko

  • Mountfield

Select an appropriate strimmer

Talk to the friendly staff in Len's Lawnmowers, who'll be able to help you in selecting an appropriate strimmer if you're in Chelmsford or the surrounding regions. You can also depend on us for lawn mowers.

yellow strimmer strimming grass

Choose from a large variety of grass strimmers.

Keep your hedges in shape with a hedge cutter. Call now:

01245 422571

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