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red ride on mower
orange chainsaw balancing on tree branches.


Chainsaws for all your tasks

Chainsaws that can handle the toughest tasks

Are you searching for saws that can cut through the toughest tree? For chainsaws in Chelmsford and the surrounding areas, you can rely on Len's Lawnmowers. These saws have the power to cut through any kind of wood. You can also choose from all the top brands.

Well-stocked chainsaw showroom

Why make a chainsaw purchase?

Whether it's to cut firewood, or to prune your hedge, you can use our chainsaws for all your needs. Our chainsaw showroom stocks many brands, and always has more than 100 machines in stock.

  • Ease of operation

  • Reduced kickbacks

  • Easier to start and operate

  • Less noise

  • Easy storage

Other services you can obtain from us

If you want to make a chainsaw purchase in Chelmsford and the surrounding areas, get in touch with Len's Lawnmowers. You can also depend on us for strimmers.

Tree being cut by chainsaw.

Easy to use and operate chainsaws in and around Chelmsford

Choose from a wide range of chainsaws. Call now:

01245 422571

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