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green hedge cutter cutting leaves.

Hedge cutters

Keep your hedges in shape

Improve your property with hedge cutters

If your hedges have grown too thick and it's becoming a problem to your property, we can help. By maintaining and keeping your hedges trimmed, your garden will be more attractive. For hedge cutters of all the top brands in Chelmsford and the nearby areas, you can rely on Len's Lawnmowers.

A wide choice

You can choose from a wide range of hedge trimmers that'll be suitable for all your needs. At our showroom, you can choose from all the leading brands at competitive prices. Whether you need a lightweight electric hedge trimmer or a more heavy-duty petrol-powered one, you can find them with us.

Hedge trimming equipment you can choose from:

  • Cordless cutters

  • Long-reach cutters

  • Petrol cutters

  • Electric cutters

  • Cutter accessories

  • Hedge cutter repairs and service

Purchase your hedge cutter now

When you need dependable hedge-trimming equipment in Chelmsford and the nearby regions, get in touch with Len's Lawnmowers. You can also depend on us for chainsaws and strimmers. 

orange hedge cutter with green gardening gloved person.

Choose from a large variety of hedge cutters

Keep your hedges in shape with a hedge cutter. Call now:

01245 422571

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